Computer Support

From a tiny glitch to a full blown, pull your hair out crisis, get the support you need with our range of computer support services. A selection of one-off, single services and unlimited ‘peace-of-mind’ subscriptions means you can choose to use us as much or as little as you like.

You’ll also benefit from:
Australian-based over-the-phone support
Friendly, qualified, jargon busting techs
Support when you need it, 7 days

Subscription | Premium Support
Subscription | Tablet Support
Quick Fix
Data Backup
Virus Removal
Data Recovery

Premium Support – $299

Enjoy 12 months of unlimited over-the-phone support for you and your computer. Call about almost everything and anything, including:

  • Troubleshooting problems such as bouncing email or network failure
  • Removing viruses and spyware from your computer
  • Help backing up data or transferring data between devices, including photos, music and emails
  • Installation & setup of hardware, e.g. a scanner, printer or digital camera
  • Software installation & setup, including upgrades to the latest operating system
  • Answers to your ‘how do I?’ questions

Plus, for a new computer:

  • Email setup
  • Connection to the internet and your existing home network
  • Data transfer from your old computer, including emails, photos and music

Premium Support Terms


Tablet Support – $99

Enjoy 12 months of unlimited over-the-phone support for you and your tablet. Call about all sorts of things, including:

  • Setting up your tablet
  • Setting up email on your tablet
  • Connecting your tablet to an existing network
  • App installation
  • Troubleshooting problems, including tablet software and email
  • ‘How do i?’ advice

Tablet Support Terms


Quick Fix – $29

Just need a quick bit of advice or to be shown something simple. Our 15-minute quick fix is for you. As part of this service we’ll assess the problem and either:

  • Provide one quick fix OR
  • If it turns out to be more complex, provide a quote for an appropriate fix. If you go ahead with the quote you’ll only be charged for the recommended service.

Here’s a few examples of what a quick fix might be:

  • Change my default homepage
  • Add a shortcut to my desktop
  • Remove a program that’s no longer needed

Maximum of 15 minutes
Single Service Terms


Setup – $99

Just treated yourself to a new computer? Set it up exactly how you want from day one. As part of our Setup service we’ll:

  • Guide you through the initial setup process and ensure one (1) user profile is correctly configured
  • Connect the computer to an existing network
  • Download and install all required updates

1 computer only.  Not available as a secondary service.
Excludes software, backup and data transfer costs.
Single Service Terms


Networking – $99

If you have more than one device on your wireless network we can help make the most of that connection. As part of this service we can:

  • Add a new device to an existing network
  • Configure a homegroup or shared folder between 2 connected devices
  • Trouble connectivity between networked device to determine problems with them communicating
  • Review current network setup and make security recommendations
  • Assist in updating and changing known network passwords

Home networks and consumer devices only. No servers.
Single Service Terms


Data Backup – from $99

If you want to ensure you have an effective backup solution for your computer we’ll get things started for you. As part of this service, we’ll back up your computer to either:

• An external hard drive OR
• Network attached storage device (otherwise know as a NAS)

And the good news is you don’t need to hold onto the phone while the back up is in progress. We will initiate the transfer with you over-the-phone, then call you back once it’s complete to finish the service.

Up to 60 minutes. $29 per 30 minutes thereafter.
1 computer only.
Single Service Terms


Installation – $99

Need help installing a new printer, scanner or the latest software? Give us a call. As part of our HW/SW Installation service we’ll:

For Hardware:

  • Guide you through the physical setup of one (1) piece of hardware (eg: Printer, Scanner, Speakers)
  • Install related software and drivers as well as required updates
  • Test to ensure it’s setup and working correctly

For Software:

  • Verify compatibility with your computer
  • Validate the software source and install the program
  • Ensure software is up-to-date and functional
  • Create a desktop shortcut & start menu entry, if required
  • Ensure appropriate default settings are in place
  • Test to ensure the program is working correctly

Excludes training. No cracked or pirated programs.
Single Service Terms


Virus Removal – $99

Viruses are simply a part of the computing universe. So good security software and regular check ups are essential to your computer protection. As part of our Virus Removal service we’ll:

  • Identify and remove any malware or adware on one (1) computer
  • Mitigate and repair any issues caused by malicious software
  • Review your current security setup and make recommendations to avoid further infection
  • Apply operating system and program updates and ensure all valid security patches have been applied

Charges subject to assessment. Heavily infected devices may incur additional charges.
Single Service Terms


Data Recovery – from $99

We’ve all been there …. losing something we’ve worked on for hours or accidentally deleting precious photo’s. Never fear, help is here in the form of our Data Recovery service. As part of this service we’ll:

  • Assess whether the drive is suitable for recovery. If not, you will not be charged for the service
  • Attempt to recover data on one (1) drive
  • Sort recovered data appropriately, if required

Up to 60 mins. $29 per 30 mins thereafter.
Data recovery not guaranteed. Sometimes what we recover, may not be the same quality or file extension depending on how the files where lost. Excludes the recovery of files from a drive that is physically damaged or requires extreme recovery procedures.
Single Service Terms



Do you need to upgrade the operating system or a program on your computer? Let us upgrade it for you. As part of this service, we’ll:

  • Assess you current device and ensure it is suitable for the requested upgrade. If not, you will not be charged for the service
  • Install the requested upgrades and any necessary dependencies
  • Perform optimisations, if required, and verify your computer is running at peak performance

Single Service Terms


Tutorial – $99

Need a bit of advice regarding a device or some software that you’re trying to figure out? As part of this service, we’ll break down the techno-babble into easy to understand instructions.

Examples include:

  • Tips on using and navigating your operating system or programs
  • Advice on email, skype and other communications tools
  • Using the internet and finding things online
  • Security advice and best practices to avoid viruses, protect your personal information and stay safe online
  • How to use parental controls to protect your family

We’ll guide you on ‘how to’ to do something, rather than complete it for you.  Excludes commercial programs eg; MYOB, Quicken. By appointment only.
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